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The Bachelor (2002) - Season 1 - "Week 1" w/ Angela Travis

Angela returns for the show we've been searching for for a long time: The Bachelor, Season 1.

Charlie's Angels (1976) - "Pilow/MOW" w/ Stefan Halley

Hot on the heels of the massive failure of the 2019 Charlie's Angels movie, Stefan Halley joins us to break down the pilot of the 1976 TV show.

Acapulco H.E.A.T. (1993) - "Code Name: Checkmate (Parts 1 & 2)" w/ Zedrick Bordelon

Can you feel the heat? Zed returns to help us tackle another beach show: 1993's Acapulco H.E.A.T.!

Dinosaurs (1991) - "Changing Nature" w/ Esther Dee

This week we're taking on the extremely dark FINAL episode of the 1991 Dinosaurs, "Changing Nature." Guest starring Esther Dee!

Street Hawk (1985) - "Street Hawk" w/ Thomas the Tank

Thomas the Tank returns for yet another super vehicle show about a super motorcycle: 1985's Street Hawk!

Friends (1994) - "The One Where It All Began" w/ Julie Lively

Yes we're actually doing a good show. Julie Lively returns to help us celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends with its pilot episode.

Marrying Millions (2019) - "Can't Buy My Love" w/ Angela Travis

We're taking on our first reality show with Lifetime's new series Marrying Millions!

Sheena (2000) - "Sheena" w/ Esther Dee

We're headed to the jungle to hunt for the elusive jungle queen TV series Sheena.

Dirty Dancing (1988) - "Baby, It's You " w/ Julie Lively

We're NOT having the time of our lives in an alternate universe Dirty Dancing where Baby is pushed into the talent director's job at her father's resort and must overcome the resentment of dance teacher Johnny Castle.

39 - Swamp Thing (2019) w/ Stefan Halley

We're fan-boating our way back into the swamps, this time DC Universe's (now canceled) Swamp Thing 2019!

38 - Swamp Thing (1990) - "The Emerald Heart" w/ Stefan Halley

Before DC Universe launches their new Swamp Thing, we're taking a look at the first episode of the 1990 live action series that aired on USA!

Big Announcements, Shazam (2019), Avengers Endgame, & What's Next

Big announcement and a look ahead to our next pilot, Swamp Thing, and we talk about Shazam (2019) and give the final word on Avengers: Endgame.

Baywatch Nights - "Pursuit" (1995) w/ Zedric Bordelon

After the sun goes down, things really heat up when we take on Baywatch Nights with Zedrick Bordelon!

Shazam! (1974) w/ Nate Fahnestock

High School USA Retrospective & What's Next

We're looking back on High School USA and looking forward to our next pilot: 1974's Shazam!

High School USA (1984) w/ Stefan Halley

A host of C-level celebrities turn out to make 1984's High School USA a thing? Guest starring Stefan Halley.

Heat Vision & Jack (1999) Retrospective & What's Next

We're looking back at the 1999 Jack Black & Owen Wilson pilot Heat Vision and Jack and talking about our next pilot: High School USA (1984)!

31 - Heat Vision and Jack (1999) (w/ Patrick Woodall)

We're talking about 1999's Heat Vision and Jack! Guest starring Patrick Woodall from Adam Ruins Everything!

30 - My Mother the Car (1965) Retrospective & What's Next

We're looking back at My Mother The Car from last week and previewing our next pilot: 1999's Heat Vision and Jack, starring Jack Black and Owen Wilson!

29 - My Mother the Car - "Come Honk Your Horn" (1965) (w/ Jerry Richard from NTX Beer)

We're taking on the second worst TV show of all time: My Mother the Car! Guest starring Jerry Richard from NTX Beer.

28 - Bosom Buddies & What's Next

We're looking back at Bosom Buddies and looking ahead to our next episode: 1965's My Mother the Car!

27 - Bosom Buddies (1980) (w/ Esther Dee)

We're joined by Esther to talk about the cross-dressing sitcom Bosom Buddies, starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari!

26 - Airwolf (1984) & What's Next

We're looking back at Airwolf and what lingers from it and our next episode Bosom Buddies!

24 - Best and Worst of 2018

We take a look back at our best and worst of what we covered in 2018 and we do our very special In Memoriam segment.

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