Kong: The Animated Series (2001) - "The Return Parts 1&2" w/ Sean C. Duregger
The Pilot ProjectMarch 26, 2021
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Kong: The Animated Series (2001) - "The Return Parts 1&2" w/ Sean C. Duregger

Sean Duregger from the Screamcast and Audible joins us to talk about Kong: The Animated Series from 2001!

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Aired: September 9, 2000, “2001” (no specific date)Episode Run: 42 EpisodesCreated by: Sean Catherine Derek

Directed by: Part1: Marc Boréal (the Neverending Story animated series, My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill animated film) Stéphane Roux (A Goofy Movie) Part 2: Chuck Patton (Spawn, Swamp Thing) , Joe Pearson (Ducktales the Movie)

Written By: Sean Catherine Derek (Batman the Animated Series, Mortal Kombat Conquest), Romain van Liemt (Iron Man:Armored Adventures)
Official Description: When King Kong fell to his tragic death off the Empire State Building, there was a young scientist Dr. Lorna Jenkins who cloned him and took him back to Kong Island so he could finally be protected again from the world. Eighteen years later her grandson Jason and friend Tan bring their teacher to the island to show him the paradise and of course Kong. But their teacher Ramon De La Porta has other plans, he steals the island's Primal Stones which control the balance of the island and make sure the imprisoned god Chyros does not escape. So now to restore balance to the island Jason, Tan, a shaman girl named Lua and of course Kong must journey around the world to retrieve the stones and stop De La Porta once and for all.

Alex Doduk ... Young Jason (voice)Daphne Goldrick ... Dr. Lorna Jenkins (voice)Saffron Henderson ... Lua (voice)David Kaye ... Professor Ramon De La Porta (voice)Scott McNeil ... Eric 'Tann' Tannenbaum IV / Omar / Wu-Chan (voice)Kirby Morrow ... Jason Jenkins / Frazetti (voice)Pauline Newstone ... Harpy (voice)

September 2000

  • The #1 song that week was “Jumpin Jumpin" By Destinys Child
  • The #1 movie for the week was "The Watcher". "The Watcher" is an exciting psychological thriller that takes a unique look into the minds of both a serial killer and the man who must, reluctantly, pursue him. Starred Keanu Reeves fresh off Matrix
  • The #1 tv show was Survivor, followed by ER and Who Wants to Be a Millionare
  • Microsoft releases Windows ME.
  • Rage Against the Machine's Tim Commerford is arrested for climbing on the set at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards after his band lost the award for Best Rock Video to Limp Bizkit. The director of Rage's "Sleep Now in the Fire" video, Michael Moore, suggests Commerford was probably "just bored" by the show. 
  • Britney Spears performed her hit single "Oops!... I Did It Again", becoming one of the VMA's most iconic and controversial performances due to her skin-coloured outfit. 
  • NSYNC performed their hit single "Bye Bye Bye", also becoming one of the VMA's most iconic performances ever
  • The 2000 Summer Olympics are opened in Sydney, Australia.

Fun Facts:
  • Two video games were released based on the series, both on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The first, called simply Kong: The Animated Series, was released by Planet Interactive in 2002. The second was released by Majesco Entertainment in 2005, and was based on the direct-to-video film Kong: King of Atlantis.

  • Details on Netflixs new animated series: Netflix took to Twitter revealed certain details about the upcoming project and stated that a shipwrecked crew would be reaching an island of monsters. The island has “one king to rule them all” before mentioning Skull Island is a new anime series set in Legendary’s Monsterverse from Powerhouse Animations. A sympathetic clone version of him starred in the 2000 cartoon Kong: The Animated Series, in which he wrestled dinosaurs and romped around with his human buddies. However, there's a good chance Skull Island will not be aimed at kids, judging by its Netflix predecessors, which were also done by animation studio Powerhouse Animation

  • Worst Ranked Kong Movie by Screen Crush: Kong: King of Atlantis (2005): This list starts out with an obscure, animated incarnation of King Kong that really should be forgotten. The only upside of Kong: King of Atlantis is that it’s so far removed from the original King Kong story that you can pretend this is a completely different franchise. Kong: King of Atlantis was released straight to DVD as a tie-in to Kong: The Animated Series, so it’s not to be taken seriously on its own. The plot is focused on an evil queen named Reptilia who tries to use Kong to control the people of Atlantis. He’s rescued by a man who’s a bargain bin version of Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet. It’s not a good time.

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