Karate Kid "My Brother's Keeper"
February 05, 2021
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Karate Kid "My Brother's Keeper"

Thomas the Tank is back to take on the animated spinoff of The Karate Kid, where Miyagi, Daniel and a girl with a receding hairline named Snacks search the world on a hastily built raft for a magical idol...because reasons.

Aired: September 9, 1989
Episode Run: 13 (originally planned for 65 episodes)
Directed by: Larry Houston
Written By: Michael Maurer and Dorothy Middleton
Theme Composed by: Saban & Levy (Power Rangers)

Official Description: Animated series (loosely) based on the film series, in which Daniel, Miyagi and new friend Taki travel the world in search of an ancient Japanese talisman.


September 1989

  • The #1 song that week was “Cold Hearted” by Paula Abdul
  • The #1 movie was “Sea of Love” starring Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin and John Goodman where Pacino plays a detective trying to track down a serial killer who’s finding his victims through a singles column in the newspaper
  • The #1 tv show was Roseanne, followed by Cheers and A Different World.
  • The week this show premiered The Stanford Gravure shooting occurred in Kentucky where employee Joseph Wesbecker killed 8 fellow employees and injured 12 others at his former workplace before committing suicide. This resulted in a lawsuit against Eli Lilly because he was on Prozac. And guns were never a problem again.
  • This is the same year that the wall between East and West Berlin was brought down and the Tiananmen Square protests happened. Or did they according to China?
  • And this was the first year that Microsoft Office was released, as well as the Nintendo Gameboy and Intel released the first 486 processor.